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Welcome to the CERN Summer Student Webfest 2013!

Projects Presented at the Webfest Grand Finale

The full list of initial pitches is available here.

Bringing Science to the Modern Web


We need feedback from all participants, please let us know your experience and how we can improve the Webfest. A Feedback Form is available here.

If you want to continue developing your projects or ideas, please let us know your plan!

Join Our Group

Join our Facebook Group CERN Webfest for more information (discussion, pictures, etc.)!

General Information

The CERN Summer Webfest is from 4:00 pm, Friday August 2 - 6:00 pm Sunday August 4, 2013, in the Main Auditorium, Building 500. The Webfest is about bringing science to the web, and showing everyone what we are up to at CERN. Only CERN Summer Students and CERN staff (basically anyone with a CERN badge) may participate in the Webfest.

Registration Closed

Thanks to all 82 participants, registration is now closed.


This year we provide four tutorials to help all participants with their projects:

Event Schedule

The break-down of the event is as follows:

  • Friday 4:30pm: Welcome & Networking
  • Friday 5:00pm - 7:00pm: project pitches
  • Saturday 9:00am - Sunday 4:00pm: Projects
  • Sunday 4:00pm - 6:00pm: Project presentations, prizes (a trip to the Mozilla Festival in London 25-27 October, courtesy of the Mozilla Foundation) and pose for some pics!

How to Participate

  1. Go through the information on this page, and register for the event online, you will get an account on this wiki soon after that.
  2. Sign in, and browse the existing projects and ideas
  3. If you want, create a new project by cloning the project template.
    1. If you propose a project, you will have to give a 3 minutes talk about your project or idea.
  4. Or idea using the idea template.
  5. Add your name to one or more projects that interest you, by editing that wiki page and adding your name.

Project Proposals

To browse proposals for projects, please go to Project List Page

How It Works

Participants (that's you!) will create or join a project team, and work with that team for the duration of the weekend.

A project can be anything about sharing science on the web. It might be a way to communicate ideas, visualize a dataset, or even recruit help! If you have an idea you're excited about, you should create a project. And if you are interested in seeing what others have proposed, then you can browse all the other projects.

A video clip to conclude the Webfest is available here:

A video clip that concludes last year's Webfest:


We will insert (more) cool resources about the open web here :)

Join the conversation!

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Hashtag: #cernwebfest

Previous Events

All previous events are available to view.

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