About the Team

Francois Grey – Coordinator

In 2009, Francois helped establish the Citizen Cyberscience Centre in Geneva, as a partnership between CERN, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research and the University of Geneva.

Francois is a physicist by training, with a strong interest in science communication. He spent six years at CERN, managing IT communications. He is currently based at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he has helped set up the first volunteer computing projects in China, CAS@Home and Computing for Clean Water project.

Daniel Lombraña González – Senior Researcher

Daniel is a computer engineer by training and passionate about open source technologies and science. He has a PhD in Fault-tolerance and Parallel Genetic Programming on Desktop Grid Computing.

Daniel is a senior researcher and open source developer for the Citizen Cyberscience Centre and works in several citizen cyberscience projects like Test4Theory or the new framework PyBossa. Daniel has courses on the Peer to Peer University and code on GitHub

Ben Segal – Senior Advisor & Mentor

Ben is an honorary CERN staff member, where he mentors students in collaboration with existing CERN projects. Since 2004 most of his effort has been in volunteer computing using the BOINC infrastructure. He led the development team on the LHC@home project, which used volunteer computing to help design CERN’s new LHC accelerator.

In 2011, Ben helped CERN launch Test4Theory , which deployed virtual machine technology in volunteer computing for the first time. Ben is one of the founders of the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, and continues to work in this exciting area as he believes that citizen cyberscience has great potential for public involvement in science practice and education.